1 thought on “Update on TDDD Licensing Requirement”

  1. I am the clinic manager for SOAR, Student Run Free Clinic at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). We are trying to expand our services to provide Vaccinations, Pharmacy Patient Assistance Program, and have Emergency medications on hand such as Epinephrine, Glucagon, Albuterol, Nitroglycerine, Aspirin, and also have medications for procedures such as Lidocaine, Ethyl Chloride.
    There is a possibility that the SOAR clinic medical director, John Boltri, MD applied for a TDDL in 2015 or 2016, but I cannot find documentation. Is there a mechanism to find this for renewal?
    Thank you for your assistance,
    Janet Raber BSN,RN,CDE
    SOAR Clinic Manager
    NEOMED, jraber@neomed.edu


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