2 thoughts on “Pharmacy Board Sends Threatening OARRS Letters in Error, Then Apologizes”

  1. I received one of these letters, which cost me time to investigate the claim, and a certain amount of emotional distress. I do not interpret the message from the SOBP as a pharmacy. There is no “sorry” in it.


  2. The first email had 49 entries, some of which were duplicate names. Five of the 49 had not been queried in OARRS in the last 90 days, 44 had been queried. (Two actual office patients, two in a religious community infirmary, and one in a nursing home.)

    I still fail to see how querying OARRS on every little old lady on an anxiety medication stops the use of heroin and fentanyl in Ohio.

    This email makes me question the competency of the organization (along with our governor and other feckless politicians) who insist we query this website every 90 days.


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