2 thoughts on “Pharmacy Board Seeks Comments on Classification of Kratom as Schedule I Controlled Substance”

  1. Please do not make kratom a scheduled drug! I have been using this plant, safely, for two years. I have a reliable vendor. I have had issues with alcohol and prescription drugs in the past. Because of a chronic disease, I have fatigue and pain problems, that have devastated my ability to cope with activities of daily living. Kratom has improved the quality of my life.
    There is a ton of false info out there, including the FDA, regarding kratom. Making it a class 1 is a crime, considering the current state of affairs. Many other states have made a progressive decision to allow kratom to stay on their markets. Ohio’s conservative and regressive policies, are chasing young people away in droves. This is one more issue that will keep young folks, and the ideas that they bring to the table, away from our beloved Ohio.

  2. At some time in your life (hopefully later than sooner) most people will be faced degenerative stenosis. I am one of those older citizens faced with this condition. In spite of many back procedures, I am miserable and unproductive much of the time. I find that Kratom provides relatively good temporary relief and in many cases works better than most non-narcotic medications. I ask that this herbal product be available to older people who are suffering from constant pain and discomfort. I purchase from a reputable vendor who tests their product for impurities and has complied with all FDA recall and testing mandates. Please consider that millions of people legally use this product and have non of the side affects that are published. In fact I have never experienced any negative side affects and I too believe that there is a lot of false information being circulated. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss further. Please do not classify this herb as a schedule 1 or dangerous drug. It is not by any means. I’m sure it can be abused like many other substances, but using it responsibly can be a life saver.

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