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  1. Can someone help me with this resolution to submit to OAFP Board for upcoming meeting please?

    Methadone prescribing for chronic SUD treatment in the physician office setting:

    Physicians already are licensed to prescribe methadone for pain.
    Methadone treatment for addiction is presently only available in the methadone clinic setting (non-profit and for-profit clinics) concentrated in urban areas
    Critical to the therapeutic regimen success is a continuous established patient-physician relationship
    Many physicians today are taking care of patients or a patient’s family member who suffer from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) for other medical conditions
    There are not enough methadone clinics (non-profit and for-profit) available in the state of Ohio to facilitate easy access to treatment for this chronic disease
    There were a few deaths in the 1990’s from methadone treatment by pain management clinics which should not be a deterrent to expansion of an effective treatment for this lifelong chronic disease by their personal physician
    Family Medicine physicians are uniquely trained for chronic disease management and brief treatment therapies (Diabetes Mellitus for example) to care for and coordinate the care of many diseases.
    Family Medicine physicians have a track record for utilizing subspecialty physicians for many different medical conditions already
    If we want to more effectively address the treatment success for the chronic disease of SUD we need more physicians, stronger patient-physician relationships and easier access to treatment than exists today
    An additional incremental step is to allow licensed Family Medicine physicians in Ohio to prescribe methadone from their office for the chronic disease of SUD
    So we the OAFP BOT request a waiver to prescribe Methadone for SUD from Ohio state pharmacy and medical boards to help reduce the deaths and over doses for patients from the chronic disease of SUD


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