9 thoughts on “OAFP Mourns the Passing of Past President Dr. Thomas U. Todd”

  1. They don’t make ’em like Tom Todd anymore! He was an inspiring leader who seemingly could take on any challenge with an attitude that would not tolerate failure or complacency. You could feel the kindness behind every adventure he led the OAFP and the OAFP Foundation through, and his confidence made you feel anything was possible. We all talk about the importance of considering the patient in the context of the family, and the family in the context of the community in which they live, but how many of us would take on the role of mayor of our community to more directly improve the environment in which our patients live, learn and work? What a role model for all family physicians!

    1. A beautiful sentiment about a beautiful man. He’ll always be remembered as a leader, and epitome of a true family physician.

  2. Among all the other things he did, Dr. Todd taught us residents from the UC Department of Family Medicine. He graciously took the time and trouble to have me spend a month in his busy practice in Glendale, so I could learn what a real private outpatient family practice was. He was calm, focused, effective, and most of all patient. At the end of the month I was very pleasantly surprised to have him give me an old fashioned doctors black bag, which Has seen much use. I still carry it on trips, stocked with various emergency items, and it has seen much use.
    I will always remember him as such a gentleman. Looking back, he indeed helped me learn to Thank God I’m a Family Physician.

  3. This remarkable man had quite an impact on me as I started in the OAFP as a student and resident. I was amazed that this busy man was so organized that he could exercise over his lunch hour! And he always looked so dapper. I imagine his wife was a help in that dept…. But most of all he was so kind and respectful, which are qualities I have tried hard to emulate. I still sign plenty of correspondence with “Thank God I am a Family Physician”!!!
    Thank you Dr. Todd

  4. I have been married seven years, now. Unfortunately, my wife never had the chance to meet the Todd’s. I often talk about Dr. Todd, even now. When I called Mrs. Todd. shortly after Thanksgiving, I was so sad to hear about the passing of Dr. Todd.
    I was his employee from 1985 t0 1993. I was the caretaker of the medical facility in Springdale. My grandmother, who passed on in 2007, was their personal housekeeper, for over 26 years. She was 99, when she passed.
    The Todd’s were more than just medical people or employers, they were the most wonderful family that I knew of in Cincinnati. Mr. & Mrs. Todd came to my home many times. The most notably was coming to help celebrate my grandmothers, 98th birthday.
    My mother was also Dr. Todd’s , primary health physician for many years. She also thought the world of the Todd family.
    At one time Michael Todd was grandma’s physician and also mine.
    I will always have fond memories of the Todd’s family and will sincerely miss Dr. Todd.
    We hope the Todd’s enjoy a wonderful holiday.
    With much admiration and respect to Michael, Andy and Susan. You all have touched my life in a positive way.
    Thank you Diane, at a time when your family and yourself was celebrating Thanksgiving, to speak with me on the phone. I really enjoyed hearing your voice and talking of good memories. I am very grateful for having known you all.
    Take care,
    Dan & Carol Mehlman


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