4 thoughts on “Meet the Diller Family: Full Spectrum Family Medicine Wisdom”

  1. My family is so blessed to have Dr. Jonathon Diller as our family doctor. He delivered my three children and discovered a health problem that my youngest daughter was born with. I will always be indebted to him.
    Thanks Doc!

  2. Excellent article —I don’t know Dr. Phil but Dr.Jon has been our families primary physician at least 20+ yrs.

    They do not come any better, he is not only our Dr. but we consider a friend. This type of relationship is rare today, we just thank God for Dr. JON

    Jim & Marcia

  3. This is a great article on a great family. I was proud to know them also as friends outside the Dr. Office. Wife Karen is one awesome lady whom I have admired for a long time. Her love of life family and horses is what I love about her.
    Dr. Diller has seen us through a difficult journey of my husband’s Lewey Body Dementia and finally his passing. Those were difficult years for me, but Dr. Diller saw us through those various stages and even during the funeral.
    Thank you Dr. Diller


  4. Great article & how awesome of this shared profession in one family. The chance to share information experiences challenges with the people who care about you the most has had to be so helpful in each journey.

    Dr. Jon Diller has been our family doc for way longer than I care to mention and we love him and his honesty.

    Thank you for all the care you have given our family and hope to continue with you as long as you are practicing.


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