1 thought on “Health Coverage for Prisoners upon Release”

  1. This is a good effort. I work in a free clinic. We routinely see people who have done their time, and are released with a few days worth of meds, a list of doctors (whose next available new patient appointment is 6 weeks out, IF they even take Medicaid), maybe a place to stay, and no transportation. I wonder how well any of us would do in similar circumstances.
    We emptied mental institutions to “mainstream” people with mental health illnesses, then failed to provide the services in the community to treat them. Now the prisons are full, not only with plain criminals, but people stuck in the cycle of mental illness, addiction, poverty, lack of education, joblessness, hopelessness,and the culture of violence. If we want a better society, we need to step up and invest in common sense solutions that work. TNSTAAFL.
    Sorry to be preachy, but it hit a nerve.


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