2 thoughts on “Cleveland Physician Honored as 2020 Family Physician of the Year”

  1. Heidi embodies the complete family physician, integrating public health and primary care in a way that few can duplicate! This is a well-deserved recognition of the many years of public service and high quality patient care she has provided to the community. With a ready smile and a willingness to say yes to important community challenges that surround her, she has been an inspirational hero to those who have watched her growth and development over the years. Congratulations!

  2. Dr. Gullet is the consummate family physician: brilliant, talented, passionately committed to bettering the lives of her patients, reducing racial disparities, and improving the health of our community. She is a person of deep integrity whose life reflects her commitment to work for justice at the personal, professional and systemic levels. We in Northeast Ohio are incredibly fortunate to have her among us. Congratulations!

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