1 thought on “Board Holds Mega Discussion on Single-Payer Health Systems”

  1. Thank you for this brief summary on this critically important topic. Our health care payment model, currently a fragmented and highly irrational system, is at the core of our poor overall outcomes when it comes to the health of our nation.

    I will have to take a moment to point out that this is issue is not “really a national debate” nor is it “not currently viable” (in Ohio). This is an extremely short-sited view of the long-term health and economic benefits of a single payer system.

    Of note, there are currently two bills in the state legislature regarding this topic:

    1) State Bill 91, introduced by Senators Skindell and Tavares


    2) Ohio Health Security Act, introduced by Reps Kennedy-Kent and Fedor


    As family physicians in Ohio, we should continue to push for a system that would benefit the health of all Ohio citizens. A single payer platform, such as SB 91 here in Ohio, would certainly be a scaled-down version of HR 676, the long-standing national piece of legislature on this topic, or Senator Bernie Sanders’ more recently introduced “Improved and Expanded Medicare for All”, but simply because these exist at the national level does not make this solely a national issue.

    I welcome a continued discussion in Ohio regarding the role Family Physicians should be playing in the implementation of an effective health care system on both the state and national level.



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