1 thought on “AAFP Issues Joint Statement on Withdrawal from the WHO”

  1. I disagree with this statement. THE WHO has a minimal role or influence in American medicine. It is a political organization, and like most political organizations it purports to speak on behalf of others when it is speaking for its own worldview.

    For example, when the AAFP releases comments like this WITHOUT surveying its members it still says it is speaking for us. No, the leaders of the AAFP are speaking for themselves. You are pushing your world view as superior to everyone elses, and you feel so superior that you think you are entitled to do so. This is very popular in medicine today as well as in our elitist-run political system. (The one that oppresses blacks and whites and everyone else it can).

    The leaders of all these agreeing organizations likely allign politically to the left with the press and one of our two largest political parties.

    That does not make you representative of our opinion. You have less members than you purport to speak for as does the AMA. You do not survey your members and non members probably would not trust you with a response even if you asked them.

    Don’t presume you can speak for members you haven’t surveyed. Your pronouncements are not very meaningful, as many people know you are speaking for yourselves, not those you should be representing.

    IF you cared you would survey your members before making pronouncements. But to you it is not about “representing” your constituency, its more about imposing your opinions on everyone else.


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