Advocacy Action Center

Grassroots advocacy is powerful. As a family physician, resident, or medical student, you are a healthcare expert who legislators need and want to hear from as they make decisions impacting your patients (their constituents), your community, and the practice of medicine. Below are ways you can get involved to influence the legislative and policy making process.

OAFP staff works closely with OAFP members on opportunities to develop relationships with state legislators by:
    • Assisting OAFP members in submitting and preparing written and/or in-person testimony for House and Senate Committees
    • Creating talking points and scripts for OAFP members to enable them to send emails and make phone calls and social media posts to legislators
    • Convene gatherings between OAFP members and state legislators at the Statehouse in downtown Columbus, OH
    • Assemble local meetings between OAFP members and state legislators throughout the state of Ohio
  • Coordinate with OAFP Regional Chapters to provide programming on OAFP advocacy
  • Engage medical students and residents on the importance of updating their Ohio voter registration and ways to engage state legislators.

Keep Informed; Get Engaged

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