FMIG Resources

The following resources are provided by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and Ohio Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP) for use by Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) leaders:


  • Lead Your FMIG
    Learn about the FMIG Network, the AAFP’s resources for FMIGs, and opportunities for leaders.
  • Primary Care Leadership Collaborative
    The Primary Care Leadership Collaborative (PCLC) is a leadership program designed for medical students in FMIGs who are passionate about advancing primary care and improving the health of their communities. Student teams who are accepted into the PCLC learn how to take their leadership to the next level through skill-building workshops and long-term, team-based coaching support. Teams then use what they learn to design and take action on a community project.


  • Obtain Funds for Your FMIG
    Multiple funding opportunities exist through the AAFP, your medical school, and regional groups and programs.
  • Family Medicine Student Organization Grant Program
    The Family Medicine Student Organization Grant Program offers two funding streams for family medicine-based groups. Core grant funding supports regular family medicine student group operations. To receive it, you only need to share information about your family medicine group. Special grant funding is intended to support a new effort and is open to all student groups. Family medicine groups are encouraged to apply for both funding opportunities, as appropriate for meeting their goals. For applications, deadlines, and additional information, please visit the AAFP website.
  • OAFP Foundation Family Medicine Club Funding
    The OAFP Foundation will provide up to $100 for one meeting per calendar year at each Ohio medical school campus. These meetings are to be hosted by the school’s FMIG/Student Association of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians/Family Medicine Club and should include time for an OAFP representative to share information on student membership. OAFP staff can also assist in coordinating a speaker on a topic of interest. Please contact Caitlin Laudeman for additional information.


  • Collaborate with Other Campus Groups
    Students involved in an FMIG can benefit from sharing events and efforts with other groups on campus that promote primary care, like the Student National Medical Association and the Latino Medical Student Association.

Promote Family Medicine

  • Communication Tools for FMIGs
    Effective communication with classmates and faculty is key to a successful FMIG. Use these resources to inspire interest, recruit members, educate people about the value of family medicine, give effective presentations, and connect with other FMIGs.
  • What is Family Medicine?
    This webcast covers the basics of family medicine and introduces you to the many opportunities available in the specialty.
  • Family Medicine Myths Debunked
    In this resource created by AuBree LaForce (Northeast Ohio Medical University Class of 2021), learn how to respond to the most common myths students hear about family medicine during clinical rotations.