Policy/Resolution Proposal Form

In an effort to address issues in a timely fashion, members are encouraged to submit policy/resolution proposals at any time during the year to be reviewed by the Board of Directors, which meets four times annually.

Members are required to submit a proposal by using the online submission form to the right that details the issue, scope, and impact of the proposed change.

Tips for Crafting Your Proposal

  • “Whereas” clauses simply explain the problem or situation being proposed. Since the “whereas” statements explain and support the “resolved” portion, they proceed the “resolved” clause in the written text.
  • “Resolved” clauses are the call to action in the proposal. The “resolved” clause is the only portion of the resolution that will be voted on. Therefore, the “resolved” portion should be clear and action oriented. Keep the “resolved” clause focused on the desired end result.
  • It is often easiest to write the “resolved” portion of the resolution first. It forces the author to identify the desired action. After finishing the “resolved” clause, write the “whereas” clauses, checking each to determine if the clause is relevant and provides necessary information. Provide adequate support for your “resolved” clause(s), but limit the number of “whereas” clauses to a reasonable number.
  • Carefully check facts, quotes, references, and statistics for accuracy. Verify any data used, stick to the point, eliminate legalese, and leave your soapbox at home.

Process for Submissions

The OAFP speaker will receive the proposal and work directly with the author to prepare for its discussion at the next Board of Directors meeting. If the speaker determines that the proposal needs to be addressed before the next Board of Directors meeting, the speaker has the authority to bring the proposal before the Executive Committee for deliberation.

Any proposal brought before the Board must have a 30-day notification through regular communication vehicles for comment by the membership.

Authors of proposals are welcome to attend the Board meeting to provide personal insight and background on the proposal being considered. The speaker will also notify the regional director that a proposal from a member in their region will be discussed at the next Board meeting.

Process for Deliberation

Once the proposal has been discussed by the Academy’s elected leaders, they may choose one of the following actions:
  • Take immediate action and/or create an Academy policy.
  • Refer the proposal to an OAFP entity to conduct additional research on the issue and then report back to the Board on their findings.
  • Reaffirm OAFP policy that is already established.
  • Determine that the issue would be better dealt with at the national level and referred to the American Academy of Family Physicians for consideration.
  • Not adopt the proposal. If the Board determines that the proposal does not adhere to the mission, purpose, or strategic initiatives of the Academy, the speaker will work with the proposal’s author to refocus its original intent for future proposal submission.

Outcome Communication with Membership

The Speaker will communicate, through an official OAFP publication of the Academy, any action taken by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee.

If you have any questions, please contact Executive Vice President Kate Mahler, CAE.

Members Assembly Resolution Submission Form