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What You Can Do

Thank you for believing in, supporting, and inspiring us to continue infusing the strong programs of the OAFP Foundation with fresh ideas that help us more fully achieve our mission. It is only through you that we can advance our commitment to family medicine and the people we serve.

In 2018, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians celebrated its 70th anniversary.

In honor of the Academy’s anniversary, the OAFP Foundation asked everyone to join in on the celebration by making a $70 tax-deductible contribution to help insure that the specialty of family medicine continues to thrive for another 70 years.

Thank you to those that contributed!
  • Paula Amin, MD
  • Roma Amin, MD
  • Stan Anderson, MD
  • Brian Bachelder, MD
  • Mark Belfer, DO
  • Ean Bett, MD
  • Cathy Bishop, DO
  • Ross Black, MD
  • John Boltri, MD
  • Vicki Bowers, MD
  • Jim Bowlus, MD
  • Mary Budzak, MD
  • Roxanne Cech, MD
  • Annette Chavez, MD
  • Niketa Chheda, MD
  • Pam Cobb, MD
  • Nathan Desai
  • Jon Diller, MD
  • Phillip Diller, MD
  • Pat Fahey, MD
  • Dinah Fedyna, MD
  • Matthew Finneran, MD
  • Wayne Forde, MD
  • Eric Fryxell, MD
  • Bill Gegas, MD
  • Mary Grulkowski, MD
  • Doug Harley, DO
  • Jeff Harwood, MD
  • Evelyn Morley Hemmingsen, MD
  • Paul Heyslinger, MD
  • A. Patrick Jonas, MD
  • Ryan Kauffman, MD
  • Patricia Kellner, MD
  • Sanford Kimmel, MD
  • Keith Lehman, MD
  • Gary LeRoy, MD
  • Sheng Liu, MD
  • Randy Longenecker, MD
  • Don Mack, MD
  • Susan Mack
  • Julie Marcinek, DO
  • Renee Markovich, MD
  • Nkosi Mason, MD
  • Kaitlin McGuffie
  • Mark McLoney, MD
  • Anna McMaster, MD
  • Sarah Metzger, MD
  • Rick Mizer, MD
  • Scott Morris, DO
  • Kathe Mueller, MD
  • Andrew Naumoff, MD
  • Jack O’Handley, MD
  • Kurt Palazzo, MD
  • Frank Petrola, MD
  • Linda Post, MD
  • Elisabeth Righter, MD
  • Geneva Rodgers
  • Scott Rogers, MD
  • Mark Rood, MD
  • Dennis Ruppel, MD
  • Sarah Sams, MD
  • William Sawyer, MD
  • David Scoggin, MD
  • Jon Seager, MD
  • Mike Sevilla, MD
  • William Smucker, MD
  • Linda Speer, MD
  • Ann Spicer
  • Mary Stock Keister, MD
  • Linda Stone, MD
  • Katrina Timson, MD
  • Bill Tortoriello, MD
  • John Tyznik, MD
  • John Vitullo, MD
  • Chris White, MD
  • Jay Williamson, MD
  • Kathleen Wittberg, MD
  • Mary Wonderly, MD
  • Ted Wymyslo, MD
  • Teresa Zryd, MD


We also know that providing a variety of ways to give is important. Listed below are additional ways you can give whether monetarily or in-kind.


Consider sharing your time and expertise by volunteering with us. You can:


Thank You!

Because of engaged volunteers like you, the Foundation Is able to play a role in increasing the family medicine pipeline in Ohio. Whether by donating funds or time, individuals like you are making a difference. Seventy-four percent of students that participate in the Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program choose primary care!

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