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What You Can Do

Thank you for believing in, supporting, and inspiring us to continue infusing the strong programs of the OAFP Foundation with fresh ideas that help us more fully achieve our mission. It is only through you that we can advance our commitment to family medicine and the people we serve.

We are proud to have earned your commitment. Your contribution makes our programs possible and your compassionate support is building the future of the specialty. You may choose to make a restricted donation to one of our programs or an unrestricted donation. Unrestricted funds provide the power to make great things happen. Our Foundation leaders gratefully use these flexible gifts for top priorities.

Make a tax-deductible unrestricted contribution to the Foundation any day.

We also know that providing a variety of ways to give is important. Listed below are additional ways you can give whether monetarily or in-kind:

Family_Medicine_Legacy_LeagueThrough your planned gift, you can support the Foundation and its programs.

A planned gift provides one of the most substantial and lasting means of support you can give. Planned gifts require specific planning with your financial advisor, attorney, or accountant and can provide you, the donor, with significant tax advantages.

You can make a planned gift to the Foundation through a bequest (a gift you designate in your will), living trust, gift of life insurance, or a variety of other options.

What better way to support the future of family medicine in Ohio than to name the Foundation in your will and in your estate planning. None of us knows what the future will bring. What we do know is that people will always need the quality care provided by family physicians and family physicians will always need to have meaningful involvement with both their patients and communities, making lasting improvements in Ohio’s quality of life.

It’s easy and you can start today! A simple directive in your will can bring welcome support to the Foundation:
  • Make sure you have an up-to-date will (or living trust) that reflects your charitable objectives
  • Contact your financial advisor (a financial planner, lawyer, or accountant) and ask for help in establishing a charitable gift
  • You can leave cash, stocks, real estate, insurance policies, and personal property to charitable organizations
  • You can make the Foundation a beneficiary of your life insurance, pension plan, or IRA.

The Foundation established the Family Medicine Legacy League to recognize those who make provisions through their estate. Donor recognition is given for any gift made by bequests, life insurance, charitable remainder trust, or any other type of planned gift.

If you have remembered the Foundation in your will, please let us know so that we may properly recognize your generosity by listing you as a member of the Family Medicine Legacy League. While public recognition of your gift often inspires generosity in others, we also understand that anonymity may be your preference. Please contact Deputy Executive Vice President Kaitlin McGuffie or call 800.742.7327 for more information.

The AAFP Foundation also has financial and estate planning tools to help make the critical task of estate planning even easier for donors with the user-friendly planned giving section of its website. The AAFP Foundation staff is available to help interested donors who wish to remember both the AAFP Foundation and the OAFP Foundation in their charitable bequests. For more information, contact the AAFP Foundation or request a free Wills Guide. When you make provisions for a planned gift to the AAFP Foundation, you become part of the AAFP Foundation League.

The Foundation is a registered charity with; and, shopping online at is another way to support the Foundation’s mission to cultivate student career choice in the specialty of family medicine.

By signing up at and shopping online at the 900+ participating retail establishments, a percentage of your purchase(s) will be donated to the Foundation – and your shopping donations are tax deductible!

“For online shoppers, this is a great way to make an extra contribution to the Foundation. It is fast, easy, and fun to watch your donations grow just by shopping online at your favorite stores,” said Foundation Executive Vice President Kate Mahler, CAE.

There is no cost to the individual to sign up for this service and no cost to the individual for the money to be donated. iGive provides this service because its mission is to enable the economic power of individuals to benefit their chosen communities. Information at iGive, including your name and address, is covered by its extremely strong privacy policy.

Merchants associated with iGive are not remote, online “trunk stores,” but rather they include retailers such as 1.800 Contacts, BoxLunch, Cheryl’s, Dick’s Sporting, Goods Expedia, JCPenney,  Kohl’s, Land’ End, Macy’s, Orbitz, Sephora, Staples, QVC, Verizon Wireless, and many, many more.

Try it now! Join iGive and you will be setup to support the Foundation with your online shopping. It is that simple!

Each quarter, the Foundation hosts an online auction for members, friends, and the community to bid on a variety of items. Items have ranged from handmade wooden pens and wine stoppers to artwork, and event tickets.

The Foundation continuously seeks items for this activity. If you’d like to donate an item to be placed up for bid, please contact Deputy Executive Vice President Kaitlin McGuffie.

Each March, June, September, and November, keep an eye out for articles in the Weekly Family Medicine Update on how you can bid on that quarter’s item.

In 2012, the Wine Cork Pull was introduced as part of the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary celebratory activities and was a huge success and continues to grow each year!

Each August during the Academy’s annual meeting, individuals can purchase a wine cork for $20 per chance and have the opportunity to win from a variety of bottled wines valued from $20 and up – there are no losers in this game! Even if wine is not your drink of choice, bottles make very nice gifts!

Donations of wine for this event are needed each year. Our goal for this year is to get over 100 bottles of wine. Will you help us meet our goal?

The value of the donated wine is considered a tax-deductible charitable contribution with all proceeds directly benefiting Foundation programs.

To donate wine, complete the donation form and send it to Deputy Executive Vice President Kaitlin McGuffie by faxing it to 614.267.9191, emailing it to, or mailing it to 4075 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43214.

A tradition of fundraising for Foundation programs through an annual quilt raffle was begun by Diane Todd and the OAFP auxiliary members in 1990. In 2000, a new twist on this tradition was introduced when OAFP Past Presidents Mark Belfer, DO; Ross Black, II, MD; and Mary Jo Welker, MD; sponsored the purchase of the quilt so that all raffle proceeds would benefit the Foundation’s programs.

This tradition has grown each year as more past presidents join in sponsoring the quilt raffle.

Check back in June for details!

If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Executive Vice President Kaitlin McGuffie or call 800.742.7327.

Adapting to the change happening around our state and nation, the OAFP Foundation continues its work to build a strong family medicine workforce to carry the torch forward.

To meet its mission of cultivating student career choice in the specialty of family medicine, the Foundation will continue its flagship program, the Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program, by offering a virtual experience in 2020. The experience provided through this program will equip medical students with a baseline knowledge of family medicine as they go forward in their medical career. But, medical students participating in this valuable program need your support!

To help raise funds for the Preceptorship Program, the Foundation is running the following virtual campaigns:

COVID Vaccine

Show your support for the COVID vaccine with these “Proud to be a vaccinated OAFP family physician” t-shirts, baseball tees, crewneck tees, and v-neck t-shirts (available in a variety of colors).

Also available is a face mask indicating you’ve “checked off” your vaccine and are doing your part for yourself, your patients, your family, and your community.





Doctor’s Orders: Mask+6

As Ohio continues with daily life during a pandemic, the OAFP and 5 other medical associations launched a social media campaign on July 8 to strongly encourage everyone to remember: Doctor’s Orders: Mask+6.

To help remind your patients and communities to wear a face covering and practice physical distancing when in public by purchasing Mask+6 campaign merchandise!






Virtual Conference T-Shirt

In a world of zoom meetings and virtual conferences, many have had to be creative with their work space and attire. The Foundation has a solution for all of your upcoming virtual conference needs, the Virtual Conference T-shirt!

These shirts provide a fill-in name badge and two ribbon options, a COVID-19 theme and an awesome family medicine theme. Plus, let’s not forget the call out to the best family medicine organization, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, on the back (we’re a little biased).






Be A Family Physician

Family physicians are the good the world needs now. Help us cultivate more family physicians by purchasing shirts, mugs, and tote bags featuring the quote “Be the Good the World Needs Now: Be A Family Physician” from American Academy of Family Physicians President & OAFP Past President Gary LeRoy, MD, FAAFP.






Consider sharing your time and expertise by volunteering with us. You can:

According to a 2015 survey from the American Academy of Family Physicians, of fourth-year medical students who were AAFP members revealed that 93% of respondents who matched into family medicine residency programs said strong family medicine mentors influenced their specialty choice. Conversely, of those who didn’t match in family medicine, only 60% said they had a strong mentor in the specialty.

Mentors and preceptors are key to securing the next generation of family physicians. Medical students need positive family medicine preceptors early in their medical school career to engage with them in their journey and provide them with insight into the family medicine specialty they may not otherwise receive.

However, we understand that making the choice to become an engaged preceptor may seem daunting and come with a lot of questions like: What information should I share? What procedures should I share? How will I make time in the day to see my patients and train a medical student? How will this disrupt the practice and other team members? And the list can go on. With all of these questions in mind, the Foundation has created this dedicated section to provide our preceptors with helpful information to be a successful preceptor.

This list of resources will continue to grow so please return often for updated links and information!

If you’re ready to jump in and train the next generation of family physicians and participate in the Foundation’s Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program to share four weeks during the summer months with a first or second-year medical student, please complete the Volunteer Preceptor Form and return it to Kaitlin McGuffie.

Preceptor Resources

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Resources

Ohio Association of Community Health Centers Ohio Primary Care Workforce Initiative (OPCWI) Resources


Articles of Interest

Success Stories


The OAFP Foundation is always looking for individuals to join its Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected annually through a nomination and selection process with the Foundation’s governance committee. Trustees serve an initial three-year term and can be re-elected to serve a second, three-year term. Check out the Leadership Team page to learn more about the Board and the trustee responsibilities.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees, please contact Deputy Executive Vice President Kaitlin McGuffie or call 800.742.7327.

Share your story – plain and simple. Students and residents need to hear more from family physicians about the breadth of work they do and the satisfaction a career in family medicine can bring. Whether you’re having conversations with peers and colleagues or visiting students and residents, share the things you love about what you do.

If you’d like to speak more formally with a family medicine interest group at one of the seven medical schools, please contact Deputy Executive Vice President Kaitlin McGuffie or call 800.742.7327. Ms. McGuffie can help coordinate this opportunity with you and the student group.


Thank You!

Because of engaged volunteers like you, the Foundation Is able to play a role in increasing the family medicine pipeline in Ohio. Whether by donating funds or time, individuals like you are making a difference. Seventy-four percent of students that participate in the Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program choose primary care!

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Preceptorship Program