EasyPI: Asthma

Welcome to the asthma track page. Here you will find all of the information you need to complete a self-guided performance improvement (PI) project focused on asthma in practice that will earn you American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) PI and continuing medical education (CME) credits.

As a new initiative for the OAFP, we would love your feedback on your current comfort in completing a PI activity for ABFM credit. In order to gauge effectiveness of this new tool, EasyPI, please take a few moments to share initial feedback before diving in by completing a quick survey.

And, once you’ve reviewed the content and/or submitted a project for credit, please let us know how it went by completing the post-survey.

Let’s Get Started!

Here’s a quick step-by-step on where to begin:
  1. As needed, review the background information and guidelines for asthma care.
  2. Determine what factor in asthma care you want to address – you may already know gaps in care, may have identified change in guidelines that need to be implemented, may identify gaps by doing process mapping, or may use your EHR to review data to find opportunities for improvement.
  3. Review the Performance Improvement Process Materials, do process mapping, determine your quality measures, and create a quality improvement plan.
  4. Collect preliminary data.
  5. Implement your change. Note: you select the length of the PI activity (at least seven (7) days, but not more than 12 months).
  6. Collect post-intervention data.
  7. Submit your project for ABFM credit. See the ABFM Performance Improvement Activity section for detailed directions.

The resources provided below can be used prior to and during your PI project. Choose the resources you need most. You don’t have to click on every link included. There are a variety of options to match with where you might be in your quality journey. There’s something for everyone, no matter if this is your first PI activity or 30th!

The resources provided below can be used prior to and during your PI project. Resources with indicate there may be additional CME credit available.

Resources with indicate materials that include tools, education, support, etc. on health equity topics to consider.


If you have any questions regarding materials on this page or the PI process in general, please contact Deputy Executive Vice President Kaitlin McGuffie or call 800.742.7327.


This EasyPI track is sponsored by AstraZeneca, a proud Partner in Health of the OAFP.