Greenfield Physician Named 2021 Family Physician of the Year

August 3, 2021

Lauren Heberling
Communications Coordinator

The Ohio Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP) is pleased to announce that Richard D. Mizer, MD, will receive its 2021 Family Physician of the Year Award.

The OAFP annually presents the Family Physician of the Year Award to an individual who meets and exceeds the criteria of being an outstanding family physician. Other criteria includes maintaining high professional standards and service orientations; providing high quality and family-centered continuing health care; and being active in their community.

Award nominator, Valerie Good, MD, explained, “As the world of medicine has changed and, in many ways, left behind the idea of a family physician who ‘does it all,’ there have been vital leaders who have maintained our collective scope and our rich legacy. Dr. Mizer is one of these family medicine champions.”

Dr. Mizer has been practicing the full spectrum of family medicine, from obstetrics to palliative care, in both the office and hospital setting for 35 years. He attended the Medical College of Ohio, now known as the University of Toledo, and completed his family medicine residency at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, OH, where he served as chief resident.

“Family medicine was what I wanted to do from the very beginning,” said Dr. Mizer. “I have a wide interest in things and coming from a small town, I knew how a doctor could have a big, positive impact in taking care of families and being a National Health Service Corps physician enabled me to do just that.”

He is a practicing family physician at Adena Family Medicine Greenfield, caring for a rural patient population and performing minor office procedures and inpatient care along with serving as chief of staff for Adena Greenfield Medical Center. In February 2021, he began an administrative role as the Physician Executive Vice President of the Adena Medical Group in Chillicothe, OH, responsible for leading over 300 physicians and advanced-practice providers in a four hospital system.

“Over the years, I’ve thought about how my patients have taught me just about everything I know. I’ve come to appreciate them that much more and it’s been an honor to be a part of their family. And I do feel a part of their family,” said Dr. Mizer.

He further serves his community as the Highland County Health Department medical director and, until 2017, had been the team physician for Greenfield McClain High School for over 30 years. He has also served in many community organizations including Highland County Community Action and Rotary Club.

Dr. Mizer supports the pipeline of family medicine by serving as volunteer faculty at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and regularly mentors medical students. He actively recruits physicians into the Adena Health System and talks to family practice residents about the breadth of rural family medicine.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our wonderful office staff and my partners,” said Dr. Mizer. “If it was not for them, I could not have made it through all of these years. They make it a joy to come to work every day and have taught me so much over the years.”

“I think it’s important for physicians, and particularly family physicians, to know that we are leaders in our community because we are family physicians; whether we like to be a leader or not, we are leaders by default. We can set examples and standards, show respect, and give great healthcare to everyone,” said Dr. Mizer. “The COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to that, and we can certainly make a lasting impact by championing vaccinations.”

“I am truly humbled by this honor and proud to be a family physician.”

The OAFP is proud to honor Dr. Mizer in his achievements as a family physician.

To learn more about the Family Physician of the Year Award, please visit the OAFP website.

The Ohio Academy of Family Physicians is a statewide, professional association with more than 5,200 members, including practicing physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, both sexes, and every disease entity. Family physicians provide comprehensive, continuing care to all members of the family. For more information, visit


Editor’s Note
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