• Family Medicine Educator of the Year

    On August 2, the OAFP honored Ann Aring, MD, FAAFP, as the 2019 Family Medicine Educator of the Year during the Academy Awards Dinner at the Family Medicine Celebration in Columbus, OH. Dr. Aring has been a family physician and educator for the OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program for the past 22 years.

  • Annual Report

    This report highlights the Academy’s annual activities including the election of Gary LeRoy, MD, as president-elect of the AAFP; public policy wins; CME programming; and member leadership at the state and national levels. Thank you for your membership and the ongoing commitment to keeping Ohio families and communities healthy!

  • Diagnosing Amenorrhea

    Amenorrhea is a clinical problem that family physicians often encounter. Read this approach based upon careful interpretation of the history and physical examination findings, relying upon a basic understanding of reproductive endocrinology, to make a diagnosis.

  • Wellness Webinar

    The OAFP is pleased to offer another year of wellness and professional satisfaction sessions as part of its Wellness Wednesdays series. Join us on October 16 for “Taking the Bull by the Horns: How to Advocate for Your Own Wellness,” with Sarah Sams, MD, FAAFP, and David Paragas, JD.


Celebrate Family Medicine

On February 8, 1969, the specialty of family medicine was born when the American Board of Medical Specialties approved the application that officially established the American Board of Family Practice (now Medicine). To celebrate this significant occasion, please consider gifting $50 to the OAFP Foundation to help ensure the specialty is still strong 50 years from now!

The Ohio Family Physician

A quarterly magazine with features on the joy in family medicine, quality improvement initiatives, member news, and Academy information.


Weekly Family Medicine Update

Stay up-to-date on issues affecting family medicine including health care advocacy and legislation, conference opportunities, and more!