• Health Disparities in the Transgender Population

    Health care is considered transgender-affirming when it respectfully supports transgender patients’ own self-identified gender identity. Efforts to reduce health disparities for transgender individuals should be comprehensive and must include a focus on the reduction of minority stress.

  • Generating Revenue Webinar June 11 @ 8 p.m.

    Join us to identify opportunities where practices can cut costs and create revenue when they most need it; understand how to build staff capacity so billable events can be streamlined into a financially successful workflow; and share untapped revenue strategies that practices can incorporate to diversify their practice’s long-term financial health.

  • Membership Requirements and Dues Relief

    Between focusing on serving your patients and the cancellation of all live, in-person Academy CME events, we want to make sure you have one less thing to worry about. Thus, we are making the changes related to CME requirements and dues.

  • Inspirational Quotes & Stories

    Several years ago, fate intervened to inspired Gary LeRoy, MD, to write a book. With the editing assistance of OAFP EVP Ann Spicer, he submitted the manuscript for publication later this year. Rather than wait for its fall release, he asked the OAFP staff to give Academy members something to fill up about 30 minutes of their quiet time. It is his hope that a chapter or two will provide some element of hope or ignite an amber of inspiration during the moments of solitude of this unprecedented global crisis, COVID-19. If nothing else, it will give those who take the time to read each little chapter something to mentally reflect upon.


Precepting Cultivates Family Physicians

Karmela Dalisay, MD, a recent participant in the OAFP Foundation’s Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program, said that the best part of her experience was seeing first-hand what the daily life of a family physician in the community was like. Through her preceptorship experience, she not only found her passion for caring for a variety of patients and providing continuity of care, she also realized that she has the heart of a family physician. Please consider investing in this career-affirming program!

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