Introducing Your New President—Don Mack, MD

Who is your new Academy president? Get to know Dr. Mack and hear about his vision as OAFP president in the video that debuted during the Academy Awards Dinner at the Members Assembly. Read More

Tomorrow’s Wellness Wednesday Topic: Therapeutic Benefits of Counseling; Space Still Available

Join us tomorrow, August 16, to hear how preventive and crisis counseling is an asset that helps stressed physicians reconnect with their core identity. Read More

Serving the Underprivileged—Ohio’s 2017 Family Physician of the Year

“The work we do as family physicians is challenging and intellectually stimulating, particularly in a rural practice. What is most rewarding are the personal interactions. We are very blessed to share the high and low points of our patient’s lives,” said Carlos Menendez, MD. Read More

Putting the Needs of Others First—Ohio’s 2017 Family Medicine Educator of the Year

“I’ve always looked at education like throwing a rock into a lake and seeing the ripples go out, Seeing them progress and go out into their medicine fields is what gives me the most satisfaction,” said John (Jack) O’Handley, MD. Read More

Seeking Family Medicine Physicians

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OhioHealth is seeking family physicians for available opportunities in central Ohio in various practice settings ranging from urban to rural. OhioHealth, a family of not-for-profit, faith-based hospitals, has been serving patients in central Ohio since 1891. Its campuses are comprised of 11 award-winning hospitals and more than 200 neighborhood care sites within the central Ohio region.
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