We Want to Hear From You; Share Your Stories of Joy and Resilience!

What is the most inspiring act you have ever witnessed? What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

As the Academy moves forward with its 20/20 vision for the future, one of the main goals is finding the joy in family medicine. What better way to do this than to hear from you, the members. We are asking you to share your stories of joy or resilience in hope to learn how you learned from your experience.

Our goal is to create a support system around these common struggles and an opportunity for celebration for the strength and joy that comes from embracing adversity.

We are looking for your individual story. Think of an experience — whether it is an illness, the loss of a loved one, a broken heart, sharing hard news with a patient, downsizing, new ownership, or other traumatic experience. Tell us what happened and explain how you grew through it. What did you learn? What advice would you give others going through a similar challenging situation?

If you would like to participate by sharing your story of resilience or joy, please comment below with your story, email Kaitlin McGuffie, or call 800.742.7327.

Ms. McGuffie will compile member stories to share via social media and other communication vehicles.



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