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Each November communities across the country observe National Diabetes Awareness Month to bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans.

To assist our members in the fight against diabetes, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians offers an online data collection module focused on the prevention and management of diabetes to assist family physicians in the execution of a systematic, quality improvement (QI) initiative focused on improving the care patients receive related to prevention and management of diabetes.

Completion of the module will help Academy members fulfill their American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Performance Improvement Activity requirement for Family Medicine Certification and earn American Academy of Family Physicians Performance Improvement in Practice credits.

Family physicians care for patients of all ages and treat a variety of conditions, both acute and chronic, in numerous clinical settings. While there are many clinical guidelines to assist clinicians, the sheer number of them can be overwhelming. Family physicians and their care teams need appropriate education and training on how to screen and diagnose patients with prediabetes and diabetes.

The module will assist members in establishing clear practice guidelines, give a clinical understanding of a patient’s contextual barriers to care, and how to use the practice team to implement meaningful patient interventions.

Participants in this module will:
  1. Describe the importance of practice team engagement on improving cancer prevention and screening rates among female patients
  2. Determine the gaps in the breast and cervical screening that is currently being provided to female patients
  3. Implement interventions in practice to ensure appropriate breast and cervical screening in female patients
  4. Identify strategies to discuss appropriate cancer screenings with their female patients
  5. Demonstrate improvement in preventive care in female patients as a result of systems changes identified through QI initiatives.
This diabetes QI module is free to OAFP members and aligns with:

Learn more about completing the diabetes module or view the tutorial video.

For more information, please visit the OAFP website, contact Director of Performance Improvement Erin Jech, or call 800.742.7327.


*ABFM fees still apply.



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