Office Testing Evaluator Available on OAFP Website

Deciding what test can be provided to patients in the office is a big dilemma for many family physicians.

The Office Testing Evaluator, created by OAFP President Ratna Palakodeti, MD, is now available on the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians website.

Does the cost of the equipment justify the service the physician intends to provide? What is the reimbursement? How many tests need to be performed to break even? How much revenue needs to be generated to make a profit? What are the running costs? What would be the cost of staff time? All these are questions that need answered when family physicians consider incorporating a testing device in one’s practice.

The Office Testing Evaluator is a simple tool that gives all the parameters and approximate costs and reimbursements for commonly performed tests in the office. It has flexibility to adapt parameters to suit your practice. It gives answers in a very simple and clear format.

The purpose of the Office Testing Evaluator is to act as a guide. Parameters should not be interpreted, either explicitly or implicitly, as correct or absolute, as such parameters differ from practice to practice and location to location.



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