Grants & Scholarships

American Academy of Family Physicians National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Medical Students
Be recognized for your good work by applying for a scholarship to attend this innovative conference. Scholarships are made possible by the AAFP Foundation through educational grants provided by individual and corporate sponsors.

OAFP Foundation Scholarships
The Foundation selects a student delegate and alternate delegate and resident delegate and alternate delegate to attend the National Congresses of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. The scholarships provide up to $1,200 in eligible expenses, paid according to the reimbursement policy, for the selected resident and student delegates and alternate delegates.

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Northeast Conference Student Scholarships
This conference is designed for family physicians and medical students alike, this program provides the opportunity to hear plenary speakers address issues facing academic family medicine, and they offer a wide variety of workshops and other skill building and informational sessions. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for individuals with special interests to come together, share information, and plan their activities.