Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program

Dr. Harley_Joel_preceptorship“I gained a larger appreciation for how the family doctor treats every aspect of the whole person, not specializing in any one area but knowing “a lot about a lot of things” as one doctor explained it to me. I also gained insight into how physicians must overcome obstacles in working with underserved populations to ensure that patient needs are met…I hope that as a doctor I will never forget the value of being able to spend a little time getting to know every patient. Part of the reason I wanted to pursue family medicine was the unique opportunity to build longstanding relationships with patients, and even in this short month, I have already experienced this firsthand,” said Joel Shackson a 2014 student participant from the Northeast Ohio Medical University.

Preceptorships match first- and second-year medical students with practicing family physicians in urban and rural settings for a period of four weeks during the summer months.

Through the OAFP Foundation’s Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program, the Foundation offers grant funding to the departments of family medicine at the state’s medical schools for participating students’ preceptorship rotation stipends. Stipends are $300 per week for a four week preceptorship rotation. The maximum stipend for any one rotation is $1,200.

The Foundation disburses stipend funding directly to the departments of family medicine upon completion and submission of the participating students’ program requirements to the Foundation. These funds are provided in full to participating students. Indirect costs are not provided to the institution, and grant funds may not be used for this purpose.

Program Requirements:
  • Name of student and medical school years completed
  • Preceptors’ name and practice location (street address and phone number)
  • Report the number of weeks in the preceptorship rotation
  • Student report describing the value and/or impact of their preceptorship experience (photos of student with preceptor and/or during rotation activities are appreciated)

Each Ohio medical school’s department of family medicine develops, implements, and evaluates its summer preceptorship/externship program curriculum and requirements. Through their respective departments of family medicine, participating students are selected and matched with a practicing family physician from urban and rural practice communities. The family physician preceptors volunteer to mentor the students. During these educational rotations students not only gain intensive exposure to family medicine’s whole person orientation – witnessing the continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative patient-centered care provided by family physicians; but, also experience and observe the difference family physicians make in the lives of the people in their communities – particularly those underserved in urban, rural, and special needs communities.

Since 1990, over 880 medical students’ preceptorship experiences with family physician preceptors have been funded through the Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program. Program outcomes show one-third of all participants choose the family medicine specialty, and three-quarters of participants overall enter primary care career specialties.

The Leroy A. Rodgers, MD, Preceptorship Program is funded by donations from individuals, corporate members, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians’ regional chapters, and grants from the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation, and the AAFP Foundation Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium.