Board of Trustees & Committees

The voting members of the OAFP Foundation are the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP) Board of Directors. The affairs of the Foundation are managed by its Board of Trustees that may have no fewer than 12 nor more than 25 members. Trustees serve three-year terms, except for the student and resident trustees, who serve one-year terms. One trustee is the OAFP vice president who serves a one-year term.

Board of Trustees

Douglas W. Harley, DO – Fowler

Vice Chair
Suellywn Stewart, MD – Westerville

Jeffrey D. Bachtel, MD, FAAFP – Tallmadge

OAFP Liaison
Stanley R. Anderson, MD, FAAFP – North Canton

Executive Vice President
Ann M. Spicer – Columbus


Roma P. Amin, MD – Resident Alternate Trustee
Brian L. Bachelder, MD, FAAFP – Akron
Elizabeth Belson, MD – Resident Trustee
Patrick Fahey, MD – Belxey
Jeffrey A. Harwood, MD, FAAFP – New London
Thomas P. Houston, MD, FAAFP – Dublin
Cameron Ingram – Student Trustee
Melissa Jefferis, MD, FAAFP – Columbus
Pennie R. Marchetti, MD, FAAFP – Stow
Nkosi H. Mason, MD – Resident Trustee
John G. O’Handley, MD – Hilliard
Linda L. Post, MD, FAAFP – Westerville
Darian L. Roberts – Student Trustee
Scott M. Rogers, MD – Columbus
Dennis F. Ruppel, MD, FAAFP – Columbus
Morgan Savel, MD – Resident Alternate Trustee
Stephen C. Ulrich, MD, FAAFP – Zanesville
Terry J. Wagner, DO, FAAFP – Stow

Emeritus Trustees

The following individuals are honored for their leadership on behalf of the Foundation. This honorary position is conferred for a lifetime.

Glen F. Aukerman, MD, FAAFP – Columbus
Linda C. Stone, MD, FAAFP – Columbus
Thomas U. Todd, MD, FAAFP – Cincinnati
Wilburn H. Weddington, MD, FAAFP – New Albany
Tennyson Williams, MD, FAAFP – Columbus 
Theodore E. Wymyslo, MD, FAAFP – Columbus

OAFP Foundation Committees

The Foundation Board of Trustees currently operates with the following committees:
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Fundraising Committee