Grass Roots Tools

The Ohio Academy of Family Physicians provides sample letters and talking points on key legislative issues to make it easy for members to customize their own comments for mailing, faxing, or e-mailing messages to legislators. Sample letters and talking points are updated as important issues change.

Members are encouraged to become a key contact for their legislators. Key contacts are family physicians who volunteer to establish relationships or cultivate already existing relationships with the state legislators from their district. When the need arises, those volunteers are asked to contact legislators about specific issues and legislation of importance to family physicians.

The OAFP provides the resources to help all family physicians be effective grassroots advocates. Resources are available in the form of a series of “how to” articles on grassroots advocacy techniques. We also offer a leadership and advocacy training seminar to guide family physicians on how best to effectively communicate with legislators or testify before legislative committees making the case with lawmakers and other key decision makers.

Tips on Testifying and Communicating

Other Advocacy Tools

The above articles are available for the use of OAFP members. Articles are available for reprint; however, permission must be requested before reproducing/reprinting (in whole or in part). To request reprint permission, please contact Director of Communications Megan Smith or call 800.742.7327.