Legislative Interference with the Practice of Medicine

Advocacy-Alerts-ImageOn October 13, 2013, in response to recent and alarming trends at the Statehouse, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors adopted a policy statement opposing legislative interference with the practice of medicine.

Legislation that mandates certain physician behavior or communication without regard to the patients’ best interest shows a disturbing indifference for the patient-physician relationship and evidence-based medicine.

The OAFP strongly opposes any proposed or adopted legislation that infringes or has the potential to infringe on the clinical practice of medicine, that interferes with the patient-physician relationship, or that nullifies the professional judgment of physicians by:
  • Dictating or restricting the nature and content of communications with patients
  • Requiring physicians to provide diagnostic tests or procedures that are not supported by evidence or clinical relevance
  • Requiring that certain procedures or treatments be delayed without regard to medical condition.
Recent legislative enactments of concern include:

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