Committees, Workgroups, Taskforces, and Resource Teams

The following committees, workgroups, taskforces, and resource teams have been established to direct and implement the work of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians. For more information and a detailed description of each group, please view the Organizational Structure, the Handbook, and the Standard Operating Procedures for Committees, Workgroups, Taskforces, and Resource Teams.

2016 – 17 Committees, Workgroups, Taskforces, and Resource Teams Chairs and OAFP Staff Contacts


Policy and Pipeline Pillar

Public Policy Committee
Randy Wexler, MD
Ann Spicer
Family Medicine Educators Workgroup
Phil Diller, MD
Kaitlin McGuffie and Ann Spicer

Practice Success and Payment for Value Pillar

Value-Based Payment Committee
Barb Tobias, MD
Kate Mahler, CAE
Payer and Practice Resource Team
Bryan Ghiloni, MD
Emily Pavoni

Professional Satisfaction and Wellness Pillar

Joy of Medicine Workgroup
Sarah Sams, MD
Kate Mahler, CAE
Awards Workgroup
Thomas Albani, MD
Megan Smith
Member Constituencies Workgroup
Mark McLoney, MD
Emily Pavoni

Quality Improvement, CME, and Population Health Pillar

Family Medicine Workshop Workgroup
Jack O’Handley, MD
Erin Jech
Quality Improvement Module Development Workgroup
Ryan Kauffman, MD
Erin Jech
Members Assembly Workgroup
Mike Sevilla, MD
Erin Jech and Kate Mahler, CAE
Core Content Review of Family Medicine
Ratna Palakodeti, MD

Maintenance of a Successful Organization

Board of Directors
Ryan Kauffman, MD
Ann Spicer
Bylaws Committee
Jeff Bachtel, MD
Kate Mahler, CAE
Finance/Audit Committee
Anna McMaster, MD
Kate Mahler, CAE and Bob Vogel
Executive Committee
Ryan Kauffman, MD
Ann Spicer
National Action Committee
Ryan Kauffman, MD
Kate Mahler, CAE and Ann Spicer
Resident to New-to-Practice Membership Conversion Taskforce
Catherine Romanos, MD
Emily Pavoni
Communications Resource Team
Megan Smith